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Hawaii lolitas
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This community is for people interested in lolita in the state of Hawaii. Most of us are located on Oahu and thus our meetups our planned for the local community. Although this community has been around since September 2006, we've been meeting up since December 2005, so we're a tight-knit bunch. However, we love visitors and meeting new people. Whether you're new to lolita or you're from another island, the mainland United States or another country all together, let us know you're coming and we'll do our best to meetup with you.

You can post anything lolita-related in this community. If you post pictures, you may use one teaser picture but please put the rest under a cut.

We are (mostly) adults here, so please act like one. Be polite and respect each other's opinions. Lolita means different things to different people and we won't all agree on what is lolita and what isn't.

Membership status is moderated to allow members to feel safe posting here. If your account looks and smells like a troll, you won't be approved.

To put it simply, this community is drama free, please keep your BS out. Thank you. :)

Kawaii Kon 2008